Gumgem 2.0 OUT NOW!

It's been a years and a half since the release of Gumgem 1.0.
When the game initially released, I received several feedbacks and I was very happy to see a lot of people enjoyed the game.

I started working on this update not long after the release, aiming to solve the problems you pointed out and to improve aspects of the game that still didn't satisfy me.
I initially planned to release a "minor" update, only adding a few things, improving controls, mechanics and fixing bugs.

Then I got carried away, new content and features were added one after the other and I couldn't stop.
The result is something that looks more like a sequel than a simple update, even if the concept is the same.

So, here we go, Gumgem 2.0 is released!
And with a special 100% OFF discount to celebrate!

Here's the semi-complete changelog!

  1. Greatly improved player movements dynamics and controls.
  2. Made the dash more controllable and longer.
  3. Added fragile platforms.
  4. Added credits and options screens in the main menu.
  5. Added new type of castle room.
  6. Added a tutorial/challenge section inside the castle.
  7. 8 languages available! English, italian, spanish, french, german, russian, chinese and japanese!
  8. Updated and fixed walls and foliage tilesets.
  9. Added the ability to climb walls.
  10. Enlarged player hitbox.
  11. Fixed gummy bears sometimes hurting the player when bouncing on them.
  12. Fixed areas sometimes slightly too large.
  13. Boss: made more evident when the boss is taking damage.
  14. Boss: made more evident that you can stand above the falling boulders.
  15. Enabled fullscreen mode.
  16. Added "restart", "return to menu" and game options to the pause menu.
  17. Spikes are no longer placed too close to entrances.
  18. Speeded up the player hit flicker animation.
  19. Made the weak spot of spiders more evident.
  20. Added skip button to the intro cutscene.
  21. Dialogs continue manually now.
  22. Added minimap to show player progress inside the castle.
  23. Added keyboard and joystick buttons icons as prompts.
  24. Enlarged bats' and gummy bears' hurtbox.
  25. Spiders rotate more when hit on a non-weak spot.
  26. Dash is re-obtained after a wall jump or climbing.
  27. A few secrets!

Hope you enjoy the new load of content!
Spread the word and have fun!
If the game is well received I could continue publishing updates in the future!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, this has been a wonderful journey!


Gumgem 2.0 - Linux 25 MB
Jun 16, 2020
Gumgem 2.0 - macOS 26 MB
Jun 15, 2020
Gumgem 2.0 - Windows 24 MB
Jun 15, 2020

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this game provided me with hours of fun!!! finally beat it 1 heart remaining, not 1 heart lost in bossfight. hard, but AMAZING. YOU MUST PLAY THIS

It warms my heart to know that! Thank you so much!


Finally beat it, and with only 1 heart remaining!  Really chaotic boss fight (could have done without the disorienting screen shaking), but a good fight design, and a very funny ending.  😄

Ehy! I'm happy you enjoyed the game!
A review would be very appreciated, if you like!


Already a great improvement from what I've played so far!  The new menus are nice, the fullscreen option is much-welcome, and the optional training and are well-done, with nice dialogue.