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We are here today in order to talk about a recurring phenomenon..
How many of you enjoy spending some time at comic conventions? Even the least common ones!
Have you ever found there someone who expressed his "individuality" by wearing that annoying Teemo's hat EVERYONE wears? Yeah.. we know, we know.

But finally all of you will have the chance to take his revenge on all of those ones who DARED wearing one of them in your presence; Hateemo is finally among us!

Do you hate League of Legends? This game fits you!
Do you like League of Legends? This game fits you!
Do you hate Teemo? This game fits you!
Do you like Teemo? Oh, I'm sorry for you.

A new threat looms on comic conventions. Teemo hats everywhere!

Stop the hatted people, collect Teemo hats and spend them to get upgrades and much more!

  • Don't let a single hat get close to the convention entrance!
  • Collect hats. Try to make your best score!
  • Leaderboards and missions! Share your scores with your friends and get exp for your Google Games account!
  • Be careful during convention notices, maybe some titan cosplayers are coming!
  • Unlock other skins and enemies, even characters from other manga, anime or videogames with graphics in pixel art style!
  • Get medals! Can you get them all?
  • Share Hateemo on Facebook!

If you have suggestions or experience bugs, please email us at dazelsoft@gmail.com

Google Play Store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.d...

Published Dec 31, 2014
TagsArcade, comics, convention, Funny, hat, league, legens, teemo

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